My Teaching Philosophy: As a golf professional I have the opportunity to teach, promote and introduce this wonderful game of golf. Golf is a unique sport where you can enjoy it many different fashions. You can play in competitive events individually, with a partner or a team. You can play a casual round with your closest buddies. You can have a social evening out with a spouse and friends for a round followed by dinner. You can have a family gathering. You can enjoy exercise with a stroll through the beautiful terrain of the golf course. The list goes on and on. My goal for you is in whatever way you choose to play the game that you enjoy it to the fullest. I focus on making small changes to your swing and set up that make big differences so you can easily take what you learned on the range to the course. Let the fun begin! Call me to schedule your lesson, (231) 843-4666.

1/2 Hour: $25
1 Hour: $40

5 - 1/2 Hour: $100
3 - 1 Hour: $100